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I am interested in the way we plan and coordinate actions, when acting alone (action planning), when performing actions together with other people (joint action), and when perceiving actions of others (action observation).

Neurophysiological mechanisms underlying interpersonal coordination in joint action

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Role of EBA during action planning

The extrastriate body area (EBA) has been defined as visual area involved in body perception. A number of studies showed that EBA is co-activated in motor control, however, the role of EBA in motor control remained unclear. In a series of studies using fMRI and TMS we showed that EBA represents desired goal states that can later be used by dorsal stream areas for the generation and execution of action plans.

Connectivity profile of Extrastriate Body Area

Part of my PhD project was to investigate structural and functional connectivity of the Extrastriate Body Area, using resting-state fMRI and diffusion MRI. We found that EBA has stronger connections with the dorsal visual stream involved in action planning, compared to other visually defined areas located in the ventral visual stream.

Body posture modulates action planning and action perception

In two neuroimaging studies we showed that an agents body posture influences not only action planning, but also perception (and prediction) of observed actions, executed by others. These findings show the similarities between action planning and action perception.


01-01-2019 New postdoc position at SINe Lab at DTU Copenhagen

16-07-2017 Paper accepted in Brain Structure and Function

28-12-2016 Starting as postdoc

23-11-2016 PhD thesis defended


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